Priscilla's Pregnancy Seatbelt

Priscilla's Pregnancy Seatbelt



Keep yourself and your precious one safe from harm! Have you ever thought about some of the problems that conventional seatbelts present to your unborn baby? Too many babies are...

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Keep yourself and your precious one safe from harm!

Have you ever thought about some of the problems that conventional seatbelts present to your unborn baby?

Too many babies are lost when pregnant women are involved in car accidents. It’s been said that over 170,000 pregnant women are involved in car accidents every year. Conventional seat-belts are not designed with expected others in mind. Because conventional seatbelts are made to grow across your torso, they can put undue pressure over your baby. If you are ever in an accident, the seatbelt can actually put concentrated pressure on the baby and on the placenta. Unborn babies are five times more likely to be miscarried when they are in the car. It’s an unsettling fact. Using a conventional seatbelts is not the answer.

We have found the perfect solution! Priscilla’s Pregnancy Seatbelt has been especially designed for expectant mothers. It was designed by mothers, for mothers and its ingenious design still protects when there’s an accident.  It eliminates that concentrated pressure that is focused on the center of your body.

This ingenious device allows you to spread the tension around the shoulders and the hips rather than on the center of your body where your baby is. 

It’s amazing design is made for you to feel extremely comfortable and has been created with your baby’s safety as the priority.

It is also sturdy and made so that it doesn’t shift or slide. Also, it’s made for mothers of any size and is easily adaptable. Can be fastened as snuggly or as comfortably as you like and you put it on as easily and as quickly as you would any conventional seatbelt.

Priscilla’s Pregnancy Seatbelt can be applied on many vehicles, though we recommend that if you’re going to be in different vehicles, that you purchase various ones so that you don’t have to install them every time you change cars.


Why use a conventional seatbelt when you don’t have to?




Priscilla’s Pregnancy Seatbelt can also be used for anyone who has had surgery in the abdominal area. These procedures include but are limited to:

  • gastric bypass
  • gallbladder removal
  • tummy tucks
  • lap band procedure
  • postdelivery
  • hysterectomy
  • cesarean section

Has the device been tested?

Yes, it undergone many tests. It is made with the highest quality and the highest standards.


Why hasn’t my doctor told me about it?

The word is starting spread. Not everyone knows about this amazing innovation. Give it a try.


Two I really need it?

Absolutely. It’s not worth the risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the court seatbelt system has an inherent risk for injury, or death, to an unborn baby.


When can I start using it?

Right away. As soon as you start to “show”, it is recommended that you start using it.




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